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- What we listen to - episode 11 review - Bill complains about porn popups - You can still listen to us on iTunes - Bill will never forgive iTunes for...View Details

- Classic cold opening - Bill checks out show sponsor NOSNOB and tries a new wine, and uses Checkout 51 to get $2 off a bottle. Use this link http://c...View Details

- 2 hours of microphone issues - Quick listener review following the video unboxing for "The Basement Tapes" - What Bill won't do for $20 - Record St...View Details

- The two mic fiasco - Bill goes MIA for a week - Bill gets some oral done on him - Joe surprises Bill with dinner - Joe throws a party…for a 3 year o...View Details

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- Joe prefers the night records - We’re still happy with the new mic - News way to listen to us - “The Basement Tapes” ...View Details

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