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Bill quizzes Joe on what cold possibly be the worst game show ever!  Name the artists that David Foster has produced for.  Our Black Friday pickups....View Details

STCPod #260 - Fake Chow

Was Punisher Season 2 any good? One of us gets new skinny jeans and the other one gets new shoes that don't make noises anymore.  Being a taxi driver...View Details

Joe risks his life and manages to get half of his Christmas lights up and also starts a new workout routine.   Bill buys new jeans that aren't "dad"...View Details

Joe swears he is hearing bad audio off of the top.  Joe goes for a full body massage against his will.  Still waiting on winter tires.  Bill gets D...View Details

Joe's covered in drywall dust.  Watching John Carpenter's Christine and remarking on how good the special effects were.  Contemplating TV packages w...View Details

The only thing scarier than Halloween are the thoughts inside our heads....We argue over how to prepare pumpkin seeds and the problem with movie theat...View Details

It's an Anniversary episode for us....even though one of us didn't know.  Baseball playoffs are on us.  Selling and buying winter tires.  Joe's doi...View Details

The recording starts with Bill seeing Joe drinking wine, eating nuts and drying his clothes.  For some reason Bill wants to know about how Joe hosts ...View Details

Another pack-filled episode with Joe back from his overnight Niagara On The Lake trip.  Bill argues that Joe should use his soda stream over buying t...View Details

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