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Bill is back after some time off for a family wedding out in the bush, with him helping as a photographer along with disturbing the ceremony selling o...View Details

On this weeks award-winning episode, Joe invites his friend Musty Hobbit on the show.  The two Joes discuss everything ranging from the joys of kids g...View Details

We touch on last week's record with special guest co-host Josh and why Joe wasn't there. What really happens in the woods when Joe goes camping?  Joe ...View Details

While Joe is off Glamping, Bill invites Josh @creep1337 into the STC studios to regal us with his vast and storied past. From ganglands to safaris, Jo...View Details

Welcome back to another week of your favorite podcast, STCPod, where we talk about everything going on in our lives.  This week Bill thinks playing Be...View Details

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