Archive for May 2019

We start the show arguing over who's lawn mower is better; Bill's electric or Joe's gas one.  Joe enjoyed listening to Filmdango's Star Wars episode. ...View Details

The boys discuss the recent airings of All In The Family and The Jefferson's all thanks to Jimmy Kimmel.  Bill watches a Price Is Right documentary. J...View Details

Bill's new camera is driving Joe nuts.  No models allowed in this episode.  Joe gets angry at Bill for not leaving comments on his YouTube channel and...View Details

This one was recorded over two days but you'll have to listen to the complete record to find out why.  Joe has had it with Google Hangouts.  The past ...View Details

We get to finally (hopefully) hear the last of Bill's internet story.  Lotus' Comment corner.  Could both of us be getting into streaming.  We talk TV...View Details

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