Archive for March 2019

We discuss our pre-Barrie Game Exchange setup at Bill's place and our table plans.  Joe gives his Red Dead Redemption 2 playing update while Bill gets...View Details

Bill always wonders what kind of Joe will show up for the show.  Watching some Riverdale.  This episode is brought to you by...... eBay screws up.  A ...View Details

Joe delays that start of the record because of The Bachelor finale.  Shout-out to some listeners.  Joe is sick and Bill describes what it is like work...View Details

The boys return this week arguing if our sleep machines are still a necessity, all the while Bill has started the process to finally get a new one.  A...View Details

Joe braves hurricane winds and proves he is better than other people by cleaning up after the wind spilled garbage in his neighborhood and yet still f...View Details

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