Archive for June 2018

Back in the saddle again arguing about school uniforms and who can tie the better tie.  Bill actually wears clickity-clack shoes and Joe wonders why B...View Details

We're back arguing at it again.  This week we respond to a listener comment, discuss our car interiors and what would it take to make us buy a PSVR? ...View Details

The boys are back this week and attempt to record an episode with a new device but are unable to figure it out.  Bill finds out more about Joe growing...View Details

Despite a half hour technical issue we still managed to get a record in.  Bill is off sugar and having the shakes. Money is no object when looking for...View Details

The boys are back talking about all the fallback Joe got for wearing earbuds all the time.  Two show sponsors return.  Bill makes fun of a Joe "dad mo...View Details

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