Archive for March 2018

  STCPod is back taking on the competition of podcast wanna-be winners and copiers.  We thank our sponsors and the Bill argues with Joe for the rest o...View Details

STCPod #177 - Tattoo You

Find out why one of us is done with thrifting.  Bill's been doing some eBay speaking action. Joe gets forced to respond to some listener comments live...View Details

How does a special record on Happy Pi Day gets us talking about 3D movies?  Joe clears off his PVR and breaks his TV. We talk black holes, Stephen Haw...View Details

This week Bill doesn't believe Joe's reason for his red eye. We argue time-based vs turn-based battles in video games.  Tim Horton's coffee and why it...View Details

This weeks show has Joe bleeding all over while Bill tells us about his erotic dream.  Joe possibly says goodbye to a TV.  It's a double birthday week...View Details

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