Archive for October 2015

A Retro opening Bill springs a record on Joe and ruins his night Shadow of the Colossus playing More Fandango ball-bustin' The Tiffany backlash? Joe a...View Details

The boys of STCPod sit down with Dean from Round 2 Gaming Channel and discuss his adventures at this years Portland Retro Gaming Expo.  Listen in to h...View Details

Joe’s a bear when he has a cold Grateful Dead fill in Audio clip from Joe’s ride on the yellow bus Bill falls asleep…….and forgets to pick up his kids...View Details

Bill gets creamed a bad way Joe has to get a police check done and ends up getting finger-printed because of his name Bill can't believe Joe ...View Details

Promoting new content on some shows we watch & listen to Did Kevin's outing of Bill on Periscope have a calming effect on him?  Why won't Bill lis...View Details

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