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McDonald's & Joe Joe's birthday cake More Mickey D's Why Kevin Smith's quote got to Bill Thank-you shout outs Joe's STC contract is coming up for ...View Details

Commodore Vic 20 Commodore 64 Intellivision Coleco Adam NES  Genesis PC's Playstation 1,2,3 X-Box original & 360 N64 Wii Nintendo DS, 3DS, DSXL Ga...View Details

Listen to Episode #40 Check out Girlfriend Vs. Joe's massive lunch Bill fumbles intro Nintendo President passes away Nintendo Wii talk Another death i...View Details

Recap of last shows issues Joe wants Bill to try meditation Bill refuses to try some new ideas for the show How did Bill not know Joe's Transformers &...View Details

Wouldn't be a show without the usual STCPod technical issuesJoe falls asleep at Canada Day Toronto Blue Jays baseball gamePossible solution to Joe's C...View Details

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