Archive for March 2015

-For the very first time we welcome a guest on Start To Continue Podcast -Kevin, from Buried On Mars and Retro Fandango! -Clearly not used to having g...View Details

-Discussion on last episode’s golf announcer -Bill wants Joe to do his own drywall -Joe’s 72 pin connector and 10NES chip -Bill’s still trippin on Mar...View Details

-Our first recording not in the same room. Quasi Double Ender using Google Hangouts -Joe settles into his golf announcer voice for the whole show, thi...View Details

  -Joe sneaks another cold open and immediately drives Bill insane -Is Joe on something? The King Stud? -Bill is fired up, takes on the Tranny Podcast...View Details

- We remember Leonard Nimoy and some of his accomplishments and mistake his cause of death (not a heart thing) - Artie Lange gives @STCPod a retweet a...View Details

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