Tiffany's back, or should we say the boys of STCPod are back together going over Joe's week long camping vacation with 7 other family members.  Meanwhile, Bill tries out a "soft-close" auction.  Things get a little Strange, and Joe probes Bill with a few listener questions.  Enjoy!


  • Joe recaps his week long camping vacation
  • Bill complains about having to post one episode while Joe was away
  • Suns out, Cartridge Club t-shirt out
  • Bill disapproves of Joe's pizza toppings
  • Arguing about bro prices and Game Boy Advance Final Fantasy VI
  • Show open
  • Bill's new "soft-close" auction wins
  • "It's wat'cha gotta do at a yard-sale"
  • Strange Things
  • Bill answers a few listener questions directed at him
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