• Watching baseball is a beautiful way to spend 4 hours of your day
  • A sick Girlfriend Vs. returns to the show
  • Cartridge Club Google Hangout
  • Curtiss questions Joe's heritage
  • Canadian Health Care versus American
  • Curtiss' pneumonia story
  • Joe's still putting off going to a sleep clinic
  • What's Girlfriend Vs' girlfriend is up to
  • Playing some Sega Genesis' Aladdin & Phantasy Star 3
  • Video game grinding....hey yo
  • What's the future looking like for the Girlfriend Vs. channel
  • We temporarily lose Bill to some technical difficulties
  • Curtiss' latest game haul & future shows to go to
  • Show opening
  • Bill's thrift store finds
  • Thoughts on Spiderman Homecoming movie
  • #1Console Challenge Big Announcement!
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