This is it! The episode that everyone was waiting for has finally happened, and what a turnout it was!

Joining us live for the group chat was Duke from Retro Nonsense, Kevin from Retro Fandango, Sarah from Caught Me Gaming, Eric & Melissa from Mighty & Mrs. Q Dawg, Kyle from Game Time With Kyle, Cousin Luke from The Movies, Dean from Round 2 Gaming, Steven Eidher from CAPMAX Gaming, Enzzy and Paul both from The Leftover Bits.

We filled up FAST, so those who were not able to get into the live chat we thank you for watching the stream on YouTube.

We promise you.....there will be another time for this again!


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Check out the above live chatters in their own forums at : 

Duke - YouTube : Retro Nonsense

             Twitter : @Duke0619

Kevin - YouTube : Retro Fandango

             YouTube : BuriedOnMars

              Twitter : @Buried_On_Mars

Sarah - Blog :

             Twitter : @Sarca_Sim

Eric - YouTube : TheMightyQDawg

           Twitter : @MightyQDawg

Melissa - Twitter : @MrsQDawg

Kyle - YouTube : GameTimeWithKyle

           Twitter : @Kyle_325_

Luke - Twitter : @Luke_Snake

Dean - YouTube : Round2GamingChannel

            Twitter : @Round_2_Gaming

Stephen Eidher - YouTube : CapMaxGaming

                              Streaming : capmax_gaming

                              Podomatic : The CapMax Hypecast

Enzzy -

             Twitter : @Enzzy204

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