- We find out why Joe had disappeared for two weeks- Joe lost his microphone

- Snowballing
- angrycanadiandecepticon.blogspot.ca
- Joe goes to Toys R Us- Joe buys/sells Tf’s
- Transformers :Age of Extinction is a good movie??
- Another TF arrived for Joe
- Why so secretive Joe?
- Joe’s PVR is filling up again
- Bill tries to convince Joe not to finish watching Extant
- Bills plays some video games and we find out he has to play on the “old man setting”
- What is a recticle??
- Joe returns his wall mount
- Playstation 4 vs X-Box
- Joe can’t sell his CRT TV
- Bill plays Call of Duty: Black Ops but wants to be a lone wolf
- Joe and Bill make a date to go see Interstellar
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