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-          Yes Kevin….it’s Episode #31

-          Bill was late to the record because he was watching the HABS lose

-          We compare what each of us calls sports

-          Why does Joe get agitated when we interview other people?

-          We discuss how professional we are in our recordings and how we would like better equipment

-          We listened to Twitch & how we liked the live requesting of songs

-          Joe picked up two new video games; Diablo 3 & GOW Ascension and if they are “Hack-N-Slash” games

-          Bill visits Value Village, picks up a game and updates a past Village post

-          We discuss the horror of highschool band & what instruments we played

-          Joe visits 80’s Toy Expo & teases his pickups

-          Bill watches Atari documentary on NETFLIX

-          Bill’s thought on Daredevil & Joe’s on The Flash

-          We debate the Last Man On Earth show & comedy

-          Bill shout-outs in response to another Transformers shout out

-          All Bill does is promote & is pissed at being unfollowed on Twitter

-          The making of a new Indiana Jones movie & the studios choice of the possible main character

-          Is Chris Pratt in every new movie & is Anna Farris dead weight?

-          Why try to figure out why Bill hates all Molly Ringwald movies; why John Hughes is great & Uncle Buck Trivia

-          Big Bang Theory argument & who wins another Big Breakfast

-          Bill wheels and deals a DS purchase and has issues afterwards

-          Starfox thoughts & Atari Flashback 5 grief from the wife

-          Bill watches Banshee finale

-          Eva Green on Penny Dreadful is smoking hot

-          Bill is outraged at how outrageous the last Expendables movie was

-          Update on how to listen to our early episodes



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