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- Special Surprise Guest: Duke from Retro Nonsense!

- Podcasting and Youtubin'with kids

- game of the month

- Joe keeps bailing on the show

- What is Duke's start to Youtube?

- Joe returns in time for Retro Fantango talk

- Joe brings it back to Tranny talk

- Joe's OCD makes game collecting challenging

- US vs CAN retro game pricing

- Duke sings the Cartridge Club's praises

- Bill got an Atari, sort of, and an old school joystick

- Joe whips out his joystick, it's bigger

- Joe still hasn't opened his iRig2

- Duke brings a great topic: In Depth, Practical F/X vs CGI

- Star Wars talk

- Muppets return to primetime?

- TMNT talk

- Game of Thrones/Daredevil

- Transformers Cinematic Universe

-Joe defends Dynobots

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