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-Joe sneaks another cold open and immediately drives Bill insane

-Is Joe on something? The King Stud?

-Bill is fired up, takes on the Tranny Podcast

-Joe is planning another elaborate birthday party, Bill is not

-Retro gaming display difficulties, introducing the Framemeister to a special Super Nintendo

-Bill finds Atari carts and a Vulcan Chain Gun

-Yard Sale and Flea Markets and the one item Joe wants bad

-Xbox and Wii mods

-Joe goes to a gas station?

-Can we talk Oscars? Nope

- Joe talks Rogan again

-Bill forces some Oscar talk, live tweeting and NPH

-Barry Goldberg’s Day Off

-Forget Rogan, Check out the Howard Stern Conan O’Brien interview

-Sarca Sim turns Bill on to a couple more podcasts with this article

-Joe brings it all home with more Transformers and Beer



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