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-What happened to Episode 16? Or Episode 16b??

-Bill gets snappy at Joe (Warning…his anger grows throughout episode…)

-Sponsor, No Snob Wine Reviews

-Gratitude to the podfather… Buried on Mars

-We preview Better Call Saul

-Bob Odenkirk on Nerdist Podcast #589

-Joe is proud to thoroughly catch up on Vampire Diaries

-Television round up featuring Penny Dreadful, 21 Monkeys, Gotham and more

-Bill has to decide whether to join the amazing Third Man Records Vault membership

-Joe gives a Transformer update and shares a confession on his ‘no purchases’ pledge

-Joe incredulously attacks the Start To Continue Youtube channel.  Bill goes crazy

-Joe pivots with a classic Benji deflection to the neonate STCPod Blog

-Our official Podcaster job titles

-Why Joe keeps scratching ‘south of the border’

- Guitar Challenge




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